Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Realm of Butchery in paradise

A common historical land
A story of ethnic minority
Told by nobody
To a nobody
In the Adam’s paradise
Of men who knelt down
Sobbing kids
Dry female vaginas
Wide opened thighs
A no man’s land
Realm of butchery in paradise.

Senorita for Tamil women
Cocacola for Tamil men
Aye- this is capitalism
Buddy capitalism
Government of the siblings’

White flags risen
Kneeling down
Expectations Of liberators
Of the Elam
On mother land
Turning weapons in
Pure blood of the inheritors
Randoms of a humanitarian mission
With eyes covered with black piece of cloth
The Elam liberators

No man’s land
The realm of butchery in paradise
The unknown bullet
The blow from the unknown hatchet
Dropped dead
The liberators
Men, women and children
In No man’s land

Shuddering in  Thun Biya
of ethnic majority's hit men
In the common historical land
Is there no Pirith to chant
Is there no Ananda
Is there no Siddhartha Gauthama
For Elam redemption
Dear Lord of the Sinhalese merchants
How many a pots of fire,
 Risen over the head,
Should be burnt
How many more Margosa leaves

Have tipped down
The Shiva lingam
God is dead
The seat of Judge is vacant
The land damped by thick blood
The vultures roost
In the empty, gloomy sky
Will come
An Easter Sunday
That will resurrect
The Elam liberators.

This is neither the beginning
Nor the end
Of the No man’s land
In the realm of butchery in paradise
The tipped down
Shiva Lingams
Will be soaked
Once again with


  1. Superb... one of the best i have ever read.. please try to translate this.. i will publish in my blog... def